Cardboard Drop Off

(9/18/19 10:20PM)
Containerized Sanitation Limited Cardboard Drop Off

Community Waste Diversion Fund 2019

(9/16/19 10:10PM)
Community Waste Diversion Fund

Recycling Concerns (July 10th, 2019)

(7/10/19 9:30PM)
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Flushing Fire Hydrants (May 7th, 2019)

(5/06/19 8:30PM)
Beginning on Tuesday, May 7th, the Town of Port au Port East will be FLUSHING FIRE HYDRANTS. This may take a couple of days to complete and residents may experience low water pressure at times.

The Town apologizes for any inconvenience that this may cause.

Spring Clean Up (May 21-24th, 2019)

(4/15/19 9:30PM)
Spring Clean-Up is the special collection of general household items that are too bulky for normal collection. During this period, residents are requested to make a special effort to clean up their porperties.

Residents are asked to have all items out to the curb by Monday morning at 8:00am. Once an area has been completed, it will NOT BE collected again. All items must be placed near the curbside/roadside.

Metal items must be separate from all other items.

Items for pickup MUST be bagged, boxed or bound (no more than 40lbs) as large piles of small debris will not be collected unless it is contained.
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Composting Units

(3/5/19 7:00PM)
Stand Up Composting units are available at the Port au Port West, Aguathuna & Felix Cove Town Office. Cost per unit is $ 25.28 (tax inc). Telephone: 648 - 2891.

Water Update

(1/18/19 8:10PM)
Romaines Road now open to one lane traffic in the area where the water repair took place. PLEASE BE AWARE OF DEBRIS ON THE ROAD, It will be cleaned up on Monday.

By now everyone in town should have their water back. Have a great evening everyone.

(1/18/19 5:45PM)
Repairs have been completed and water should be on in approximately an hour. Thank you all for your patience.

(1/18/19 3:25PM)
Work is being carried out to repair the leak on Romaines Road but there is difficulty in getting through frozen ground. As of now, there is no estimated time that the water will be on. It might be an idea to have some water available in case we can't get it back this evening. Will keep you posted when i know more.

(1/18/19 9:40AM)
The entrance to Romaines (by Perter Hynes's) will be closed off due to water line repairs. Sorry for any inconvenience that this may cause.

(1/17/19 8:15PM)
Everyone in the Town of Port au Port East now has water EXCEPT ROMAINES ROAD. We were able to find the valve and shut it off. Work will begin to repair the leak at approx 9 a.m in the morning.

(1/17/19 6:40PM)
Water will have to be shut off IMMEDIATELY (from Pump House Down to Romaines) draw off water now, due to leak on romaines road. Sorry for any inconvenience.

(1/17/19 6:05PM)
Attention: Residents of Romaines Road
Please draw off some water NOW. There is a leak on your street and we have to shut the water off all night.

(1/17/19 12:55PM)
Water Repairs have been completed and water is restored to areas from Pumphouse to the end of town towards Joe Martins Place.

However, when the water was turned on from the Pumphouse down to Wanda Wheelers place, an great amount of water is being used. This is most likely cause by a major break. Have to find the break and repair. Will update once more information is available.

(1/17/19 11:10AM)
Town Water is off due to problems and are being worked on. We will update as information becomes available.

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